Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thursday 17th June Chattanooga Tennessee – Atlanta, Georgia

Today we woke up thinking we were one day ahead of schedule then after reading the itinerary we realized we weren’t. Reality check time…we were in a slight state of shock, we really needed to head back to Atlanta today, our holiday was nearly over boo-hoo. We got a late checkout from the RV Campground so we could get rid of the poos, wees and grey water and do a thorough clean of the shower, sink and toilet as these would not be used again. While I was laboring away Geoff and the kids were swimming lengths in the pool.

Lauren here. We went a long way down an elevator to a cave. It was over 1000 feet deep it was cool and COOL. A lady took us on a tour, she was a bit of a strict meany and kept telling us all off. We walked a half a mile deeper into the caves to the waterfall which they had lights on and it looked really beautiful. We walked right around behind the falls and then walked back another half a mile to the elevator. On the way back the group is called survivors so we obviously are still alive.
Bernise again. Ruby Falls was quite the surprise...its motto is "200 million years in the making". Ruby Falls is an indoor 145 foot waterfall located about 1120 feet below the top of Lookout Mountain. Pretty dramatic and with plenty of force. The water comes from the roof inside a cave. They're not entirely sure how the water gets to the Falls but rain or shine the Falls are working although there is a much stronger force when it's raining on the outside. These are the most beautiful caves I have seen, and very educational for the kids with all those Stalactites and Helictites from the ceiling and Stalamites’ from the floor??As usual with every attraction they exit you through the giftshop and try to sell you a $25 photo. There was a lookout above the caves which gives great views over Chattanooga. Another fun day to add to the blog.
After quite a full day we then travelled to Atlanta arriving at 10pm.

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  1. Hi Milliken's one and all I just had to write and say what a magnificent job you have all done in keeping the blog running for the duration of your wonderful trip. Must say I am mightily impressed and have enjoyed the ride, what am I going to do now the trip is finished I will get withdrawal symptoms for sure as I guess you all will too!!
    My feet are itching already - When's the next trip!